The Toolbox

"When we set about trying to transform society, we must remember that we ourselves will also need to transform."

- Mariama Kaba, We Do This ‘Till We Free

Welcome to The Toolbox, tools for fashioning radical lives. 

You go to the gym and eat quality food for your body; you read, study and see your therapist every week for your brain; and you may even tune into a spiritual guide for your spirit but what about our liberation? Where do you go to get free, to unlearn the scripts of the systems of oppression, to contribute to the joy and pleasure of the whole?

Who is The Toolbox for?

For the folks who want to make anti-oppression an embodied practice

For the radical and galaxy brained 

For those who believe the world is f*cked and is tired of simply posting about it on social media

For those who have read the theory and is ready for some action

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8 Modules


In this workshop, you'll learn about your nervous system, your subconscious mind, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Learning how the brain works, can help shift your strategy for creating joy and justice in your life and in the world around you. 


It has been said that we are living in the oppressor's imagination. In this workshop, we build the skill of dreaming bigger and imagining a world that is full of equity, pleasure, and joy.


Unlearn the specific characteristics of oppression. White supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy have been ingrained in each of our behavior and ways of relating, in this workshop we begin to replace those behaviors with compassionate and just ways of being. 


It is one thing to know we can be free and another thing to live that way. In this workshop, we learn how to shift our lives to be in deeper alignment with the values of liberation.  

Presence Practices

A library of Yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes to help you hone the skill of coming back to the present moment. It is in the present moment that we can shift from domination thinking to liberation thinking. 

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